We offer week-long summer camps and workshops for children aged 7-14.

Looking for a better way for your child to spend the summer break while developing their strengths and key skills relevant to their growth? Then try out our summer camps and training sessions. Your kid will definitely come back again!


We offer weekend classes for children aged 7-15. This is not your regular after school class where kids learn by doing tons of homeworks, etc but instead the flexible curriculum helps kids learn through fun. We do this through interactive, hands-on projects and activities. Kids learn how to design, build, and program robots while having fun! Our classes are divided into sessions, each consisting of a duration of 4-weeks.



Classes in Rural Areas in Ghana, West Africa

As a social impact organization, EduRob seeks to provide equal opportunity for all. Therefore, we seek to extend our services for free to rural and developing African areas using a  part of what our customers pay. This is our corporate social responsibility.  We offer weekly workshops and mentorships to kids in such areas.


Coding/Programming, 3D Printing and  Electronics Classes

Our team of experts teach a variety of programming languages including Python. There are also 3D printing classes as well as electronics classes using Arduino.



EduRob had the privilege to work with ASU's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Outreach during AASK's Wednesday Child which airs of AZ's 12 News; to help young talented Jedidiah, a 13-year-old boy who likes to build robots, draw and loves to solve mysteries find a great family.

Schools, Communties, Teams


Are you a team, school or community who wants to participate in the ongoing zonal and national FIRST Lego League robotics competitions? We can mentor your team to victory!

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